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Starting up Lioneditor (written by: Llednar )

I am a beginner and had trouble doing this, so I decided it would be wise to put a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this. Also I think you need to have Custom Firmware, but this is assuming you already have it.

1. First go to the FFhacktics home page, click on miscellanious donwloads, then scroll down to the bottom to FFTpatcher. This brings up a google page.

2. Next save both the most recent FFPatcher (for later) and save the lioneditor, preferably in a place they can be found easily.

3. Extract the files from each zipped folder.

4. Double-click the Lioneditor.exe in the Lioneditor Folder.

5. If you computer asks you if you want to run it hit Run.

6. Connect your psp via a Usb cord to your computor, and go to settings (on the psp), go up to connect to USB, hit it, and wait for the computor to read the PSP

7. Next click the button on the top right corner of the lioneditor.

8. Check the different removable disk drives until you find your psp.

9. Highlight the drive and hit OK

10. Now go back to the PSP and hit O to get out of the USB connection. Go to FFT: WOTL and Load a save file as if you were just playing an average game.

11. Save your game once your file is up. The save should take a few moments longer than usual. This is because the save hook in the Lioneditor is attaching itself to your game as result of your save.

12. Go back to the PSP main menu and redo the USB connection. Go to the button on the top left that has a file with a memory stick in front of it.

13. Hit it, and select the removable disk drive that your PSP is hooked up too.

14. The Lioneditor will open your first save file on the memory stick, but using a drop down menu in the center top of the screen, you can select other save files.

15. Edit to your hearts content! :)

Lioneditor allows you to pick any character in your party and custimize it. For example, I have a level 45 female ninja,
I can change it from a ninja sprite to clentienne
because I selected a character with a unique job, the generic squire job is replaced with clentienne's sorceror.
I change the gender from female to male
I change the job to sorceror. I give it black magick secondary abilities, magick counter reaction command, MP shield, and Fly.
I give him a zeus mace, lordly robe, celebrants miter, and magepower gloves.
I give him 700 hp, 400 MP, and make him level 99.
Now I am playing as an Uber Clentienne.

PM me or just tell me if there are any issues. Or ask someone else... Happy Editing!

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